1. sir,
        i will complete btech(ece)in 2012,and got a job in tcs.my air in gate 2012 is 2434.so its not possible to get into iits, or the top nits.i am not sure what to do? to go for the job in tcs or try for mtech admission? which would be good for my career?

      1. Depends on your confidence level and interest…if you are interested in electronics and only want to pursue your career in it then you can drop the offer and prepare for GATE next year…With your rank you dont get good colleges..so better donot take admission with your score..

        if you are confident enough to get through GATE while doing job then you can join TCS and prepare..but you dont get sufficient time to prepare when you wok…

        if you are not much interested in electronics then also u can join TCS and Go for MBA…

        But before joining think twice coz you gotta sign a bond for two years..and also once you get into it you should not later think why dint i go for electronics…and also quitting job after 1 year is also not advisable…2 years is minimum experience somebody should have!!

        so many ways dude…depends on the career you want to choose…

        GOOD LUCK mate!!Cheers!!and all the best!!!!!

      1. I agree with Sriram.
        Another view can be take up TCS and then try something like MS in some good university abroad ..

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