1. Fox

        This post is useful for whose who want to know the available options available for them at their rank. I will tell what are the available options and a small description of the test(If I know). I would like this blog to be updated by comments, for the additional information that you guys know. So, your suggestions and feedback are important.

        NOTE: This blog is related to CSE students
        Gate rank(< 35-40) : Direct admisison to IISc Bangalore
        Gate rank(< 75) : Direct admisison to IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi
        Gate rank(< 105): Direct admission to IIT Mumbai
        Gate rank (< 150-160) : Direct admision to IIT Madras
        Gate Rank (< 250) : Direct admission to IIT Roorkee and Guwhati.
        Gate Rank (< 300) : Interview call from IIT Delhi , Also option for IIT Hyderabad. Also you have an option for IIT Delhi JCA( upto 350 rank). Other option is IIT Mumbai RA (Again a good option. Max limit is not fixed. Last year, they called upto 400 rank, but you can apply if you have rank less than 600)
        Gate Rank (< 530) : Written and interview call from IIT Kanpur
        Gate Rank (< 650) : Interview call from IIT Kharagpur. But, the interview weightage is only 30% . So, high rankers get advantage here…
        Those having rank less than 1100 can apply for IIT Madras MS, 3 year course. It is a very good opportunity for high rankers. IIT Madras MS is open for 2 times a year, so if u are not selected here, you have chances to get selected in the winter session. This programme is research oriented.
        Those who are intersted in PHD can also apply to top level IIT's if you are less than 1500 rank. But, keep in mind the PHD competitions are tuff than a M.Tech competition, as the seats are not fixed. Professors try to find, if you are really interested in any field. (PHD is another good option after B.Tech). Some of the PHD programme are open 2 times a year. So, don't get disappointed if you are not able to crack in summer session, you also have an option in the winter session.
        Another option is for IISc M.Tech Computational . It is a very good branch and high rankers again have a chance here, but seats are very less and competition is very tuff. They generally take 45 min objective exam. The exam contains 90-95% maths. The maths part comprises of 12th maths, i.e it contains topic like Complex numbers, 3D-cordinate Geometry, 2D co-ordinate Geometry,etc. Do prepare for this exam, if you want to be at IISc.

        Other good option is for Inter Disciplinary courses available at different IIT's.

        Those having rank ( < 2000 ) also have the option for IISc Bangalore MSc. Again, it is a very good opportunity. Prepare well if you are applying for it. Competition is much over there. In terms of placements you get the same opportunity as that of M.Tech guy.

        These students should also apply for IIIT- Hyderabad, BITs pilani and prepare for those tests. Another very good option is Jadavpur University. Less number of people know about this institute. But it is a very good institute. They conduct written and interview, apart from Gate score.
        Other good option is PEC for rank (< 1800)
        NIT's are obviously an option, but at this rank it will be difficult to get a good NIT.

        Please add more and more comments to this blog, so that students get more and more help and also they come to know the different options available to them.

        NOTE: This information may or may not be 100% correct. It is just a guidance for students based on my own experience

      1. Harsh

        Thanks for the info. Can you please post some more info about other exams like IIIT, BITS, et.

      1. Sachin

        Is the stats same case for ECE, or even more tougher??
        is there any stats available for Mtech (CEDT) in IISC?

      1. Fox

        @harsh.. you can ask about any exam.. I can answer. But cant write about all iiit and Bits here..!!

      1. Fox

        @sachin.. yes it is almost true for all the branches..!!

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