1. Kunal Sankhe


        I am from Mumbai and have been selected for ISM Dhanabad(MTech ECE) programme. Also I had been short-listed for interviews of IIIT Hyderabad and my interview was satisfactory, though results are not announced yet. Along with that I have a definite chance to get admission in COEP(through state category).

        Now I need to attend councelling for ISM on 1st July. So I am confused about admission. So need your guidance to select proper institute.
        1) Is ISM Dhanabad is good for MTech?
        2) Which is better ISM/COEP in terms Placement?
        3) Shall I wait for IIIT hyderabad results or should I take admission in ISM ?

        Thanks and regards,

      1. Hello Kunal,

        First of all congratulations for your selection in ISM Dhanbad. The things which I have read in various posts/blogs, from that I can mention few points for you.

        ISM Dhanbad in really good for MTech but I haven’t heard much about its placements. Same you can say about COEP. Placements in COEP are Ok. VLSI, Digital Systems in COEP offer good placements(thats what stats on their website shows). But Maharashtra CAP process is getting so much delayed, so that you may even not have confirmed your seat in COEP by 1st July. In that case I think, there is no harm in attending ISM counselling.

        Regarding IIIT H, if you are interested in Research and teaching, IIIT would be a good option. Also, if you are okay with IT jobs then IIIT is better option in these three.

        I can see very less chance of getting placed in core company through any of these well known institutes. Make your call based on what you want to pursue. Wish you all the best.

        I would like to know your GATE Score bro.

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