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      1. I am a final year (Electronics Engg.) student wanting to apply for Fall 14. I’ve planned to take GRE, TOEFL in July 13 and submit applications by Aug 13.
        What should I do in this duration (Aug 13 to the date of departure)- a research job or a short term course. How advantageous will this 8-9 months of work exp. be?
        What questions can be posed by Visa Officer?
        Also I am concerned over the fact that I’ll not be able to show this work exp. to applied universities as i’ll have to apply for admissions before joining a Job or Course.

        Above all is it advisable to take 1 yr drop before going to US for MS

      1. Zahid

        The best thing is to carryout some research so that when you land there you have a purpose to achieve. Just dont make landing in US your target. A good research position in IITs would be great for you. Look for those opportunities.
        Good luck ahead.

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