1. How to gain concentration for preparing for GATE:

        7steps for Gate…..
        1st solution: For gaining concentration: Practice regularly in the
        morning — “focus on one thing for short duration like for 10 -15
        minutes. continuously. This will increase your concentration
        power during studies”.

        2nd solution: See GATE syllabus and prepare a time table for your
        GATE study. You can utilize 3-4 hours daily for yr GATE study.

        3rd solution: Collect as many GATE previous years question
        papers as you can.

        4th solution: Practice and solve as many question paper as you

        5th solution: Try to understand the fundamental things as clealy
        as you can. This makes your knowledge about that particular
        more clear.

        6th solution: The important thing at last ” never lose your
        confidence from yourself. This is you who can do anything if you
        do it with hard work . Nothing is impossible in life. Have positive
        thinking. You can clear GATE if you do it’s prepartion with hard
        work and on time ” .

        7th solution : GATE questions is on the study you done during
        your engineering.So, clear your all doubts and topics of your
        engineering subjects. If you only have full and clear knowledge of
        your 4 year engineering the you can easily clear GATE.

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