1. Swapneel


        I got 67.2 and 78.2% in 10th and 12th both in CBSE. I completed my B.Tech in CSE from private college in West Bengal in 2012.
        I got 7.84 DGPA i.e. 70.9 % equivalent in graduation.
        I m currently working in Cybage Software, Pune as Production Support Engineer and getting good salary (3.12).But this is not what I wanted. I want to make career in Database field and take lectureship as profession. But I m doing this job to overcome financial problem of my family for sometime. But I m not really interested in IT industry. I cant find satisfaction here. The environment doesn’t suits me.
        I m really serious about my career. But cant find the way to start ? can i prepare for GATE to get job in PSU’s or should start preparing for Bank PO exams. or should i do M.Tech. Its getting messed up as i have to take care of my family also, financially. Please friends suggest the way..

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