1. Rameez

        hi,i would like to know about the scope of M Tech in CIM
        Which one is good between THERMAL and CIM.. i prefer CIM to THERMAL but i’m confused about the job opportunities after the course.. please help me out here.. thanks a lot

      1. Asit Shukla

        which one would you like ?? Tea or coffee …. its upto you man,
        one simple thing you need to keep in mind is that if you go with CIM then you may face mathematical applications like LP and other formulations and if you go with thermal and that all then …. you must have good base of mathematics in real, where up to I know CIM is quite easy most of the things you can see actually taking place infront of your eyes. While in thermal you must be calculating conduction and convection rates along with NTUs and that all.
        When it comes to a job perspective. If you analyze over all career then for the initial years thermal may face slow growth rate but in the long run a qualitative thermal guy is much far ahead if you compare with CIM. (Pls don’t consider my views I am a hard core Industrial fan so my views can be biased towards CIM, and more over I never liked thermal.)

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