1. Lorin Ahmed

        Zahid Bhai, I m expecting 68-72 marks in CS branch, I have heard that applying to various institutes for M. Tech requires a lot of money. However, i m presently short in it, Thts why i want to be accurate in applying to institutes for admission. Plus traveling to the IITs also need good money. So i hope You’ll help me with a plan which requires least amount of money to be spent on these activities. πŸ™‚

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        They are gonna ask about 25,000 on admission as well. I dont have much money in my hand right now. Hopefully Allah will help me till then, but still i dont want to apply unnecessarily to many institutes.

      1. What was the cut off for NIT Jaipur In Gate 2011 CS branch Please Any one help me????

      1. sir will you pla tell me the cut off marks for VJTI college for OBC category??

      1. @Lorin Ahmed Khan: I don’t know much on the gate admissions. But, according to last year rankings 72 marks candidate got the rank: 63. And, 69 marks candidate got the rank 110. So, u can be sure about getting into IIT. *I am saying this based upon 2011 rankings. πŸ™‚
        So, u can apply only into IITs. And, about the money: if u will have a rank around 100, many banks will be there to take care of your admissions. All d best.

      1. @Lorin Ahmed Khan: u r lucky to have a score like (68-72). I m expecting a score around 52 (last years’s rank: around 1400). I don’t know where I’ll get the admission. Hoping to get admission into a good NIT at-least.

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        @Abhijit, I didnt state my money problem(lol, however it seemed like that). I just want to be accurate in applying to Institutes. πŸ™
        Anyways dont worry, i think you can get into a good NIT. With 54 marks last year, i was getting admission in all the NITs.

      1. @Lorin: Sorry for misinterpreting your statement.
        And thanks for the motivation πŸ™‚ . Are there good chances to get into NIT Warangal/Trichy/Suratkal/Calicut with 50+ marks???

      1. I was planning to be a topper this year, but at the last few moments some terrible things happen.. so, NITs will be like a god’s gift to me. πŸ™‚

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        yes, if the difficulty level of this year’s paper was same as that of 2011’s paper… Wese i hope, this year’s paper to be more difficult ;).

        But i like your attitude, usually people become disappointed after any such incidents and discourage NITs… I wish you get a good rank. πŸ™‚

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        Wese my expected score have gone down to 66, lol. I just hope it doesnt go further down. πŸ˜€

      1. hii…can i expect to get into NITs with marks b/w 40-45??

      1. Lorin if you get that marks I will take you to IITs but need a party for that πŸ˜‰

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        Zahid Bhai, Do Remember your words! πŸ˜‰
        I’ll not let you escape now.
        Inshallah. πŸ˜›

      1. The results are out!!!
        I got 34.67 Out of 100 (Computer Science)
        My GATE Score is 352 and AIR is 15108

        Where can I apply?
        Will I ever get to NITs??

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        Zahid bhai, i scored 73.67 marks. AIR 54th.
        now you have to keep your promise. πŸ˜›

      1. Gate score : 393
        Gate Rank :10672

        Will i get admission in any college for CSE?
        if yes in which all?

      1. Hello, Im in a big fix now. Expected around 600 rank
        but got 54 marks and 1479 rank AIR in CS
        Got placed in infosys. in which colleges will i get admissions?
        is it worth?

      1. Suman Roy

        hi i have qualified 2012 GATE with 40 marks…plz advice me that where should i apply ? Can I apply to any NIT’s or new IIT’s or IIIT’s ?

        Thanks in advance

      1. Amita Pandey

        hi i have not qualified gate but i got 30 marks in gate, can i get admission in any government college?

      1. Rohan Kawale

        my gate score is 625
        & AI rank is 1327
        Can i get in nit with 58% aggregate in BE?
        If yes, which nit can i expect?

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        Sreerag gorte: Go for NITs common counselling this year i.e. CCMT. you wont be getting top-4 NITs.

      1. is bar common counseling ho rhi h kya sabhi NITs ki??

      1. sir my marks in gate 2012 41.33 rank 6932 GEN category please tell me which college i have to apply

        email [email protected]

      1. @Lorin Ahmed Khan – Really great score !! Congratulations πŸ™‚

        Can you share your views on how to study & crack ? Is coaching institute necessary ? What all materials you used ?

        Please provide more info since I am also from CS πŸ™‚

        Thank you !!

      1. sir my stream computer science and gate score is 634 and rank is 1207 with 55.33 marks and gen category . which iit or nit can i expect ????

      1. @ Lorin Ahmed Khan : Hearty Congratulations Sister. Only 53 remained unbeaten by you πŸ™‚ wish you great future ahead but don’t forget InI forum and help juniors.

      1. Sairam Reddy

        my Gate 2012 score-330,

        plz list me sme collgs wer there is possibility of me getting admission……..can i get in collgs lyk VIT,SRM,Delhi collg of engg,Manipal,……..plz guide me…….

      1. Naveen Hooda

        Hello sir,
        I’m Naveen and I have secured 48 marks in GATE 2012 CS with GATE score of 534 and All India Rank of 3125.I belong to general Category.
        can i get into MNIT Jaipur or MNNIT Allahabad.

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        Thankyou so Much Sanjana and ChetanKumar Mohane, πŸ™‚
        Yes definitely m gonna post how i studied.

      1. Hi all,
        I’ve done MCA from IGNOU n passed with 70% n my gate score is 44.33belongs to OBC cat,hv work experience of 4yrs but i had to loss my job bcoz of recession in 2010.so can anybd tell me is der any prob in getting admission to IITs or NITs for regular MTech.??

        n should i show d expr in my application or not ??
        how to show d experience??

      1. Anand Kumar

        sir i appeared in gate 2012 and my result is as follows..

        MARKS 58 OUT OF 100
        GATE SCORE-670

        as per above details can i get into top 5 NIT’s


      1. Assam Central University M.Tech Notification

      1. Ajay Kumar

        Sir,I got 2054 rank in PGECET 2012 in Computer Science & Information Technology
        Please HELP me to choose best college and best branch which has high job opportunities for my rank.
        My mail-id is [email protected]

      1. Ajay Kumar

        what is the use and role of PERCENTILE in M.Tech admissions through PGECET 2012.I got 91.4287 percentile in PGECET 2012.How can i use it to get a good college and good branch?

      1. Muhammed

        For M.Tech CSE related.

        1-IISc Bangalore
        2-7 old IITs(mumbai,delhi,chennai…),ISI Kolkata
        3-IIT Hyderabad,JNU Delhi
        4-IIIT hyderabad,New IITs
        5-NIT Warangal,NIT Trichy
        6-IIIT Bangalore,NITsurathkal,IIIT Delhi,NIT Calicut,BITS
        Pilani,Javadpur uni
        7-NSIT Delhi,DTU Delhi,IIIT Allahabad,
        8-Other NITs,ISM Dhanbad,COEP Pune,CET tvm,VJTI Mumbai,HCU
        Hydeabad,PES Coimbtore,Thapar uni,Aligrah muslim uni.
        9-Other central univrsities(poncicheri uni,Jamia Millia etc.),
        Anna uni.
        10-VTU Banglr,JNU Hyderabad ,other state uni
        11-VIT Vellore,amity,lovely professional…(privte deemed uni),Other
        Gov colleges

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