1. Titto

        My AIR is 838, and my score is 646. I belong to the general category.
        I wanted to know my IIT possiblities (which institutes and courses), also wanted to know about the non-stipend M.Tech seats in IITs

      1. Nauman

        which branch?? CSE??

      1. Titto

        ECE, GENERAL category

      1. Jagabandhu

        i am a instrumentation engg student my gate rank=920 score=435
        i blngs to obc ncl
        i wanted to know about my IIT & NIT possibilities

      1. Nithin

        I’m basically from production engineering.. Is ther anything wrong in applying for thermal engg ( only availble in IITD for production ug ).. What effect will it hav in my career, good or bad

      1. Archana

        i score 420 GATE score2013 with 38.33 marks and AIR 10520 than plz tell me in which college can i get admission in M.Tech.

      1. Zahid

        @Titto There can be a change in IITs in 3rd or 4th round so apply for them leaving top tier IITs.

        @all others,
        Please ask separate questions so that you can get answers. Make a new thread for your ques.

      1. Nihil

        hello zahid sir,,,

        i score 482 gate score 2013 with 45.67 marks and AIR 1535 than pls tell me which college i prefer…i m from civil branch n comes under obc catagory…

      1. Bhaskar

        I scored 463/534 gate score with 37.33 marks in Instrumentation engineering .Do I have a chance in IITs.

      1. Bhaskar

        n , sir my AIR is 705 (General )

      1. Priyangshu

        My AIR ranking 6232 and score 483/572 marks 44 in marks. Which colleges i should apply for mtech or MS in Engg. I am confused please held me.

      1. Ajith

        sir, my score 510 in mechanical general
        mark 46.00/100
        rank 2960
        will i get in any iits? if yes plz specify the course and iit..

        If not which nit is good for me?? whch is best course and nit tat i will get wth this score…

      1. Balu

        gate 2013

        my marks: 36.00 / 100
        All India Rank (AIR): 2688
        score: 515
        category: bc
        percentile: 98.8
        are there any chances of gettings iits???
        any nits???

        please tell me some good colleges any possibility in this IIT?

      1. Laxman

        While filling up the application for MTech in IIT, which GATE score we have to provide?? -D one according to new formula ya the other one according to old formula????

      1. Omsekhar

        Sir, My GATE 2013 EE marks is 61.33. AIR is 748. Gate score is 631. Please advise me about IISC and IIT admissions. I am interested in Teaching field.

      1. Yash

        I scored 557/597 GATE score with 39 marks in cse and air 1800. Wat r my best and least possible chances plz reply..thnx

      1. Minato

        Gate 2013
        Marks: 50.33/100
        What are my chances of getting into IITS or NITs

      1. Ajita

        GATE 2013
        RANK 7354
        BRANCH CS
        any idea which colleges i should apply for??

      1. Sandeep

        gate score 263. in electrical engineering obc category. colleges where can i get chances for mtech? pls help

      1. Manjul

        Hello Everyone,
        I appeared in GATE 2013 in the department of Civil Engineering.
        Got 36.67 / 100 marks only
        All India Rank : 3746 (GENERAL Category)
        GATE SCORE : 381 out of 1000 this year (2013)
        GATE SCORE : 468 out of 1000 will be next year (2014)
        What are the best expected colleges on such a score ???
        Thanks in advance.

      1. Om

        Sir ,a CSE B Tech can move to which specialisation in M Tech ,except Computer science Specialisation.
        Suggest which branch in B Tech can Move to which branch in M Tech also: for the convenience of all.

      1. Hey guys u have to review last year cut off’s of the IIT’s and respective colleges …Last year cut off’s of various IIT’s,NIT’s can be found here : http://engistan.com/category/exam-cut-offs/

      1. Vivek

        I am from Instrumentation Branch, I belongs to GEN category I have AIR 384 and SCORE 520, I am interested in pursuing Mtech in Biotechnology, Biomedical or bioinformetics department. is there any hope to get these departments in any IITS? can any one guide me whether scope of these departments is good or not ??

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