1. i have not qualified in gate 2013.. but dont want to waste an year for gate 14, and my family is not financially developed..

        recently i got a call from lovely prof university, saying that they are going to offer 50000 rs as scholarship..

        so shall i join in that university..???

      1. Lovely Professional University is one of good University to join for higher Education. Students from 28 different States of India and 30 different Countries are studying in LPU ,so students of LPU get an exposure to cultural diversity of these states and countries and is able to interact with them.LPU is ranked high by Top Magazines, Newspapers and TV ChannelsIt is also providing very attractive Scholarship scheme and More than 20000 students have been awarded Scholarships of 150 + Crores in last three years.Different type of scholarship schemes are available in Lovely Professional University.
        For Programmes after Graduation Scholarship is available on the basis of:-
        • Percentage in Previous two qualification,
        • On the basis of Performance in Sports, Cultural, R &D, Co-curricular, Social Service & Bravery etc
        • On the basis of performance in National Level Test.

        Minimum eligibility requirement to join for M.Tech programme in LPU is 60% with B.tech in concerned Discipline otherwise minimum requirement is 50% along with test.
        For details you can visit University in Punjab or can visit our Admissions office in your state. The details of Admission offices you can get from http://www.lpu.in/LPU_in_your_town.aspx3. You can also visit LPU website for further details. For any other query, please feel free to call 18001024051 (Toll free) / 01824-405513

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