1. Azmath Moosa

        Hi guys, I would like to share my strategy for cracking GATE. I used it to get 42 in GATE 2014 (but wasn’t enough for PSU interviews). I also cracked BARC (went to the interviews but got rejected) and cleared UGC NET JRF (July 2015).

        I realized much earlier that REVISION is the most important aspect of my whole GATE preparation. What’s the point of solving heavy questions only to forget them after a few months? This frustrated me and I decided to write down all key formulas and notes in a private notebook. I would regularly revise it every day before learning anything new. There were days when I won’t learn anything new but just revise.

        For ex, on the first day I would learn 10 concepts. Then next day, I would revise the 10 and learn another 10. The next day, I would revise 20 and learn another 5. (I would sacrifice the time for learning new concepts, and use it on revision). The next day Revise 25, learn 3… and so on.

        Revision ingrained the concepts in my head and it was very beneficial (for some exams, I would not even prepare just the revision kept me at a momentum).

        Of late, I have startup (I realized I have a passion for programming and decided to change ways) and I am making an app (free) that is dedicated for revision. If you are interested you can check it out here:

        Hope this helps and All the Best!

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