1. Anuj Patel

        Hi everyone,

        looks like IIT B servers are down for ages, and i need to confirm reciept of my application form.

        any suggestions???

      1. Kapil Gonge

        Hi Anuj,
        I have tested it here.

        Its working for me and the status is pending for payment verification.

      1. Sumeet Patel

        Yes. The above link works. They’ve mentioned to check the site after 1st November for list of defective applications
        Be patient….

      1. Hi guys when i write my application number in the site its saying thats its under payment verification.Check 1st November for list of defective applications. What does this mean whether my application has been accepted or any problems are there in my application??

      1. Its “No problem” dude…They will definitely publish if there is any problem…As sumeet said be patient and check after 1st november…

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        Please start new topics for different issues. By which we may get replies for everyone as many topics are uncovered after they get answer for actual question asked : )

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