1. Manoj


        Actually I’ve some questions about IIITs in India…
        Whats is the difference between Indian Inst of Information Tech and International Inst of Information Tech???

        In AP we have IIIT-H, IIIT- Nuzivid, IIIT-Basar and IIIT- RK Vally…
        are (IIIT-N, IIIT-RKV and IIIT-Basar) they equivalent to IIIT- H and IIIT- Banglore…???

        They (IIIT-N, IIIT-RKV and IIIT-Basar) are under Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies , Whether they meet IIIT Standards ….????

        What about the Research opportunities , Placements and Campus life in IIIT-N, IIIT-RKV and IIIT-Basar…????

        Please Respond to my questions …

        Thanks and Regards,

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