1. Sri

        Yeah,I am addicted to coding robots they do what i want to do.I am doing my prefinal year in Electronics and Instrumentation…Now I want to pursue P.G in robotics not in the mechanical side but in the coding and electronics side…Everyday I dream about building robots and sitting in america…Right now I have a cgpa of 8.6 and my profile is not that good so I am frightend to take gre for higher studies abroad…So my other choice is GATE…What I want to know is that Is there a course in Robotics in any of the IIT…and can I get the course by writing GATE-Instrumentation Engineeringg??even if I take the course will I be able to go abroad for research as I dream??I cant find any thing about robotics in the IIT websites…pleeze help me this is my life….

      1. Amishoti

        yes most of the reputed NITs & NIITs give the degree in robotics.

        here is the list of colleges which offers Masters in Robotics:

        National Institute of Technology – Kurukshetra, Haryana

        Indian Institute of Technology- Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

        Indian Institute of Information Technology – Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

      1. vishnu vijay


        Kindly suggest some best colleges in India providing PG in ROBOTICS or MECHATRONICS.
        Kindly suggest some in Kerala also.

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