1. Sweta

        Hi Zahid,
        I am a regular reader of this blog and seriously u r doing a noble task that is actually helping the society in various aspect. I took GATE exam in 2011 but could not succeed to NIT even although I prepared but may be not up-to the mark. reason I could not give my best to it was i m way to inclined to my personal problems. my boyfriend whom I met in Infosys humiliated me about my looks and finally dumped me (I am trying to make it short for u to understand). I was a good student with 91% agg. from MNIT jaipur. I really need help. I passed in 2011 and want a change by clearing GATE which i could not do well in 2012 as i kept on focusing on him and his life which aggravated my depression level. I am preparing since July 2012 but some how i get distracted every now and then that whatever happened to me was not fair and I am unlucky. Plz Help!!

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