1. Nayaan Dixit

        in gate exam english also have a great role …..

      1. yes , its important , one can have a great start with the NOrman lewis made easy

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        Bt the question is, do we have sufficient time to learn english or vocab now???
        I have been trying to improve my speaking and vocab knowledge since my childhood, but have always failed in it… may be i never tried that seriously because, there was no such urgent need of it.. or because language literature is something, i have always been bad it. So should i try to prepare vocab for GATE??? i mean it seems kind of impossible to me to memorize innumerous english word and their meanings?? i can understand how can someone prepare vocab?? and if the GATE ppl are testing the vocab knowledge,arent they jst testing the memorizing skill of the student???

        I hate VOcab 🙁 why do one have to prove his ability by showing his memorizing skills…? 🙁

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