1. Siva Kumar

        Hi friends,
        Right now there are around 4 or 5 sets of key for the GATE 2012 in CS stream.. Can any one post the correct key!!!
        While checking my answers with these keys I got a score around 29.XX to 35.XX, is there any possibilities for me to secure a seat in central universities


      1. Ankit Chheda

        I am uploading official keys for CS.
        keep checking


      1. Lorin Ahmed

        @Ankit, official key??
        btw i cannot open it.
        Btw how was ur exam? 🙂

      1. Sir, I got around 45.42 to 47.42 marks based on the key given by our institute. Please sir help me, will I get NITs if so what I have to prepare from now onwards to face the interview and test which is conducted by NITs at the time of shortlisting the candidates. Sir please help me sir. Thankyou very much

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