1. sir,

        I am interested in doing some good projects and seminars.but the idea of preparation for GATE keeps haunting on it.should i do some projects along with preparation for gate?how will it help my career in addition to knowing new technologies.will it help in IIT admission interviews?please help.

      1. hi friend many students experience the same problem.Knowing new technologies help mostly in jobs.In case of interviews for admission into iit’s they concentrate more on the basics

      1. Keep the idea clear. Have you heard Nikhils interview for GATE preparation. Just spend some time on that you will get an idea how manage placements and GATE stuff together 🙂

      1. Debjyoti

        Apart from learning new technologies how does doing working on some research paper help one in the long run?

      1. Zahid

        For that you need to take up some exiting work, that will help you to understand and formulate the research problem and solving them would help you to get material for writing a research paper.

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