1. Jawahar

        Dear sir,
        I am writing this message to seek help from you all expertise.
        I am 2010 pass out ece engineer with 69%.
        I did one year job and latter on I realized that I should go for MTech.
        I left job last year and due to lack of guidance and lack of time or say lack of well preparation,I couldn’t crack GATE 2012.but now preparing for 2013.
        But let me say you all,as I feel many are like me or rather many are facing problems like me.
        I am a average student who secures just First class in all the exams in State board (my state board is not so scoring like most boards,,..).
        Now here lies the topic “Confuse but willing to take risk”,…
        The heart says go for your dream but like all dreams it too have dark side,as I know what if I don’t crack gate?My carrier will have two year gape,which is sure that no MNC or Other company will take me.But in a split of seconds,my heart says NO risk NO gain……
        So at least I should take the chance,no matter what happens.
        Steve Jobs column i read few days ago said,if he didn’t gave drop than apple would had not come in market?So I pump myself that whatever be,even I have great financial problem,society look at me as if a pass out beginner is unemployed and they are mocking at me,but for the sake of my dream I wanna take risk?
        No one knows the future and destiny,so why to worry?
        just taking chance with bold decission,already read all the subjects well,practicing few hundreds problems and now gearing up for few thousands problems…
        At least I wont regret that I didnt took the chance even if I fail this time also…..
        But I am sure,I wont give up easily…….i will try again till i rise,even if I do some small job,I will try till I taste its taste of being an elite institute students.(IIT/IISC?NIT….)

      1. Zahid

        Dont be confuse. Take a call give your best efforts for it. Thats the only way to realize your dreams. Give you best try, honest best try and leave it to GOD you will have peace and success in life.

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