1. Satyajit

        sir , i have got 50.33 marks in GATE 2013 CHEMICAL PAPER.
        AIR– 407
        SCORE– 447

        TELL ME ABOUT IITs where should i apply for m.tech.
        n any chance in PSU…

      1. Lekaha

        Chemical engineering
        score : 328
        percentile : 90.44
        AIR : 1417
        category: OBC
        Are there chances of mine getting into IIT’s & NIT’s?

      1. Zahid

        I think you can apply for NITs. IITs would be hard until you try some other departments like environmental or alternate energy, etc.

      1. Suresh

        hi zahid,i have secured air 1852,gate score 302,chemical engg do i have chance in iit kgp,iisc iit madras,iitb and iit d,

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