1. Avinash

        Dear sir I am really facing problem because of many confusions of my career. So I ask you to please study my pros and cons and try to reply.
        My Education background:
        * M.Tech in computer Science & Informatics(IT)- 8.76 CGPA upto 3rd semester, (ITER, Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar 2011-2013)
        * B.Tech in IT- 59.59% (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada 2007-2011)
        * 12th (M P C) – 76.70%
        * 10th – 69.16%

        My question is I want to do Phd in IIT or NIT in India but how to get admission.
        What energy and efforts do I require to pursue Phd.

        sir I am having the desire for Phd & i need your suggestions please please I swear.

        And then how to turn my energy towards success.

      1. Zahid

        Hi there,

        You can get into iits and nits. They call for phd applications twice a year.

        You need a lot of energy and enthu do PhD, because no guidance sometimes lead to frustration and confusion about whole career itself.

      1. Prakash

        hi Zahid sir
        i have done my btech with 73.6% and currently pursuing mtech from nit kurukshera(8.1 cgpa upto 3rd sem).sir i have qualified gate consecutive 4 times.now i want to do my phd from foreign.thre is no much problem of money.but from foreign institute it will very difficult or somehow easy i have no idea???in that institute can i complete my phd or tht institute offer me to leave the institute….i am nt confident about compliting phd .please give me suggesion in this regard.please reply soon.

      1. Benoi

        Hey there Zahid…reading your info stuff was really enlightening for me as i have just completed my MBA from Open (MDU). Well, to be frank i am very much into research and wish to pursue Phd. i will really be thankful if you can guide me!
        I am a Content Writer (Currently a Guest Writer) with more than 4 years of Industry Experience. And i am very much into Creative writing and blogs too. Can Phd be done in writing field and from where…Any info on the procedure will really help 🙂
        Thanks in advance

      1. Gaurav

        Hi Zahid

        I did my B.Tech from IIT Roorkee in 2012 in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I want to do my PhD from a top US university . But my B.Tech. GPA is not very great. It was 7.77 . What Should i do, so as to get admission into top US university for PhD. I was thinking of getting into M.Tech from IISC. I applied there this year and i got direct admission. But would the chances of getting a good phd will increase after M.Tech from IISc?? Or what is the other way??

      1. Joly

        Hello sir,I have had a bad academic career in BE but apart from that I have done ok so far but lost a few years in between.
        XII th-74%
        and currently working as an asst prof. for above one year and earning 35000 per month
        I want to grow my career and do pHD but can not afford to lose my job as I am 30.
        what are my options and is Amity University a decent option if i go for non-sponsored pHD paying my own money?

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