1. Baalkrishan Thaman

        I am getting the age of 18. Shall I apply pan card for me? I have save some amount of money for my studies. I need to withdraw from bank. My father pan card is not able to submit for that action. I should submit my pan card. But I cannot get the pan card in my hand. I am not applying pan card before. Please tell me the applying details here. I am not getting knowledge about that. My father downloads the application from online. But that application cannot be having the option of minor pan card. What is the option shall i use for applying.
        Show me the process and let me printed pan card for me. What are the proofs are needed for apply new pan card? But online application is also possible for all. Why i am not using the online way? Which one is best for me? I need to directly apply with online. But i cannot get any separate option for me. Could you please check the websites are allowing minor pan card? Please search or tell me the website name here. How to representing my information in that application form? Enough details are needed here.
        What is the actual cost for submitting application? Plans and procedures to be issue by the way of this form. I need the actual rate of points and accurate nature of details. It is very useful for the new applicant to get reviews for apply. I am also reading the experienced person’s reviews from online. It is given some sub-points to me. Thanks and help me to track the online website for minor pan card application and applying procedure. Show me the exact points and relative ideas in my mail box. Supply more and explain about minor pan card importance

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