1. Sachin

        I got AIR-394 with gate score 689(old formula) and 810(new formula). i want you to address two questions of mine..
        1. which of the two gate scores should i fill in the application form?

        2. why cant i apply to other dept like (signal processing,microeletronics..) if i am btech telecom?
        or can i apply stating that i am btech ECE. i have studied same topics as an ECE student … so why such a bias? if they want to bias why cant they keep separate gate exam?

      1. Zahid

        answers to your ques (possibly best : ) )
        1. You need to mention score by new formula.
        2. Because of the basic courses you study in B.Tech telecom. It would be considered that you will not be able to catch up with rest of the class, which I think is should be free.

        you can check with institutes, try applying one and see yourself : )
        Do share your experience.

      1. Sachin

        @Zahid sir, actually i found answers
        1.if we are applying this year then use gate score(old formula) not new one.
        2. the biasing is not there when applying to iit’s but only in nits, cant help with that .one solution in select preferences under ECE category and then select stream(telecom) in qualification fields in application form.

      1. Hari

        Yes what Sachin said is right.. This year we should use score according to old formula. New formula is meant for 2014 admissions.

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