1. Sunil


        Sunil here. I passed out of college on 2009 and started working in it sector. I could not afford to not to join the on campus join at that time because of some personal problem. But from last year(2012) I am preparing for GATE to fulfill my dream. Though because of work pressure I could not prepare that well for gate 2013. And I am thinking now to give it one more serious try for gate 2014. But I will turn 26 by then. Is it a gud idea to appear for gate at that age and go for m tech and phd? Asking that cause I know its a little bit late for all that. But in the same time I eagerly want to do complete my higher studies also.

        Even if I could join a gud college and could complete mtech. will my age be a negative factor in getting gud jobs?

        And If I could go for phd after mtech then also will age be a negative factor ? Cause I will be 28 by then.

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