1. Shubham

        Hello Everyone.

        I’m here with an important doubt. I appeared for GATE 2013 from ECE (Electronics & Communication Engineering) and got a 97.3 percentile (AIR:6886). When i was preparing for the same in the late 2012, some of my teachers said that every IIT has a specialized field; a field for which it is famous. As they moved on they said that whichever IIT will conduct the GATE 2013 will try to give good level questions from its field of specialization. They said IIT-B is famous for Microelectronics and i guess they were right, there were some good questions from EDC in GATE 2013.

        I have completed my engineering this year and I’m making a drop to prepare for GATE 2014 which is being organized by IIT-KGP. I’ve decided to leave no stone un-turned in my preparation this year as I have an optimum amount of time to crack it with a good rank. In accordance to it, I’ve got some questions:

        1. What are the field(s) in which IIT-KGP is specialized?
        2. Does watching NPTEL videos of IIT-KGP would help me gain any idea about the examination pattern?
        3. Although I love electronics (especially Microcontrollers), my ultimate goal is to join Civil Services. So, what are the other things I should focus on? (I know this question is not relevant to this blog’s genre but as I watched InI videos, i thought Zahid Sir knows a whole lot of things…wish you could help)

        1. For those who don’t know what NPTEL is please go to http://nptel.iitm.ac.in/ you will definitely find it beneficial (Especially students from the rural zone who don’t have access to high profile coaching centres)
        2. I know my rank wasn’t even closer to what could be categorized as ‘good’ but I believe I can crack GATE 2014 with a single-digit rank.

        Thanks in Advance,
        Shubham Jain
        [email protected]

      1. Gate Cse

        #2. For the second question answer is No , you can Not Guess about exam pattern by watching Nptel . They are there to strengthen your concepts which u study from standard book.

        #3. But if you want to join Civil service, prepare for it right now, that exam has Different patterns and what you gained from electronics ? as these 2 are completely different fields ? so take decision after thinking .

        You have to focus on English for Civil service exam, read Barron’s book for GRE .

        There are many useful blogs for IAS CSE(civil service exam ) preparation, here is the links.. hope it helps people


        [Toppers Interview] Neeraj Kumar Singh (AIR 11/CSE11) shares his Preparation strategy and Success Story



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      1. Gate Cse

        for first question , plz read this article

        GATE Aspirants' Question Answered #5Can we get any idea about the paper toughness from the previous year papers that…

        Posted by GATE Interview experiences on Monday, June 17, 2013

      1. Shubham

        Thank You “Gate Cse”

        Although I’m in ECE, but I have a great interest in computers since I was in 6th Standard. I used to code as a hobby..actually I do it even now but less frequently. I always knew that internet is full of information and you will forever find something new and better but this forum appeared to me as a good one, definitely going to keep-up with it and will try to be an active member helping others.
        Thank you again, Kudos to InI.

      1. Shubham

        Also, I think I didn’t made it clear but I want to join civil services after completing M.Tech from IIT only. These two years of M.tech and 1 year of drop, I will utilize to strengthen up subjects like GS as according to the new pattern of CSE, the success is going to be GS-driven rather than being Optionals-driven as it was erstwhile.

      1. Ankush Yadav

        Hey, i need a suggestion. Actually, i am a bit confused and am in need of a proper guidance. Presently, I am a 2012 pass out mechanical engineer and am working in a garment manufacturing company as a Industrial Engineer. I don’t see myself going in a right direction with this job. Not to mention that i am not satisfied with the job too. It has been 10 months since i started to work here but still after such long time I do not see the correct future for myself here.
        So, I am planning to resign from this job and prepare for the GATE2014.
        This is where the confusion starts, I am not very sure to get forward with it or not. If I go for GATE then i have only 5 months max available with me to prepare for it. Will that be enough? Since, I have a constant fear, What if i quit my job and couldn’t perform well in GATE. One more year will be wasted and after Feb-March i will again be in the same situation with no job and one more long year ahead. So please give me some suggestions. At this moment, I know that I want to prepare hard for that exam and will do that too but as you know the fear cant be overcome so easily. Can i do well if i study hard? Can the job quitting decision serve me well? Will I continue to have this strong determination for the next 5 months or will i falter?
        These are the questions which keep confusing me. Need suggestions.

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