1. i got AIR 594 in GATE CE paper with a GATE score of 575 and i belong to general category. is there a chance of getting into any iit for transportation or geotech specalizations.

      1. my gate score as per old formula is 575 and as per new formula is 683

      1. Zahid

        I think its hard but for sure can try all, especially dont miss environmental.
        good luck

      1. Prasann

        i have my score 478 .AIR 1597 CE.what could be hopefully best for me .
        i also want to knw what could be the branches which have a better placments in general .

      1. Suresh

        hi zahid,i have secured air 1852,gate score 302,chemical engg do i have chance in iit kgp,iisc iit madras,iitb and iit d,

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