1. I am currently a third year Bachelor of Engineering student majoring in Electrical and Electronics at the NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, Karnataka, India.

    Ever since my childhood, I used to have an unusual attraction towards aircrafts and spacecrafts; The very sight of airplanes flying overhead used to bring in me immense pleasure and joy. Normally during space launches, I spare the entire day to watch the launch live on internet! And this continues in me today. The very desire to continue my career in the field of aerospace technology and contribute a lot to it is burning in me even as I write this mail today. I would like to pursue my masters specializing in the field of Navigation, Control and Guidance of air and space vehicles (which I am interested in the most) immediately after my Bachelors.I am also interested in taking up research later. My dream is to be a part of space mission control and space research. It is sincerely the passion towards space burning inside me. And I am ready to sacrifice anything to reach that.
    I am sure I can get into a good University and become a very able professional, and have decided to dedicate my life towards Aerospace Engineering.

    But in-spite of my burning desire, I also have some dilemmas, which have urged me to write to you. The reason I chose E&E Engineering to aerospace engineering at my bachelors level is to keep my windows open for all fields of higher study. I have heard from quite a few people that aerospace engineering technologies abroad especially in the US is far more advanced than that in India and that it is good to go abroad for aerospace engineering studies. But that would require a relatively huge amount of money.

    I would like to tell you that am not a person with a money-chasing attitude in life, but since I am from a middle class family with an agricultural background with limited but sufficient funds for my Masters, it is my duty to think a bit before entering it. I do not want to end up becoming a burden for my parents. I am in a dilemma now whether to take up higher studies in India or abroad.

    I am in serious need of advice so that I can continue on the right track with the passion I have.
    Kindly convey me your views so that I can be one step closer to realizing my long standing dream of flying.

    Thank you for your time and concern.