Reply To: Job or gate 2014 confused

  1. See its Already nov 1st week so u are left with very short time for preparing for GATE 2014. As u stated u belong from mechanical branch …so focus on the core subjects that u feel u shud start with. Dont start a subject without reading the basic subjects what i meant to e.g: say 1st go thorough Engineering Mechanics & Strength of materials before jumping onto Machine Design(Design Of machine Elements)

    Now coming to completion of syllabus its quite tedious task to study almost 4 yrs Eng studies in 3 months . So my suggestion would go thorough core subjects 1st then advanced subjects.Clear your basics. If you feel that u can study own yourself  without help of any professional coaching then its well and good.

    If  you cant then u shud take gateforum egate classes which is basically a crash course.if u wish u can join that.

    Rest always remember hard work never goes in vain and god also sees that whether u r actually working hard for the same or not.

    All the best for your preparations!!!