Reply To: is there a need to join GATE classes to crack it ffor atleast NITs???

  1. Sushant

    Technically “no” , but the thing is to survive in competitive environment you have to take steroids called “coaching classes” what you will study in months they will teach you in one session only,
    However you have to study on your own even if you join coaching classes.
    There are both pros and cons of joining coaching
    Pros are:
    1. Syllabus is covered
    2. Good guidance.
    3. Socializing with the peers of similar interests.
    4. helps to keep up good edge.

    one who studies on his own never needs to rely on others, plus you have to be that kind of person if you are looking forward for a serious M.Tech or research field. Then again it’s not true for all if you join coaching classes you can never study on your own.