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  1. Shubham

    Hello Sumi,

    First of all I would like to fill you up with immense pleasure as you are from Instrumentation branch (IN: that’s the GATE code of your subject). IN isn’t much of a popular branch in engineering and students allotted this branch are most of the time are low-ranker. I’m in no way suggesting that you are from those but what I mean to say that cracking GATE from IN is astonishingly easy. This year (2013) 12,00,728 candidates registered for GATE out of which 9,84,803 appeared at the examination centers. Candidates from IN were ONLY 28,249. To put you on ease and to make you realize that 28,249 is really less i would like to cite EC branch statistics. 2,56,135 candidates appeared from EC. Now you realize IN candidates are less right?

    Now, some more things i would like to mention here. If you look at the figures you might go in coma saying, “Whaaattt?? 2,56,153 students? Do I even have a chance of beating these much?”. Here I would like to mention that don’t go for the figures, only 10% candidates (10% is the uppermost limit, actually there are less) are really serious for the exam preparation. That means with your branch at most 2500 students are serious (at a national level that’s ridiculously less) and to get into an IIT you need a rank below 200! Now the competition might seem to you less rigorous right?? 🙂
    In my branch (EC), its damn hard to get a rank below 200 for an academically average student like me 😛

    And yes, what they say is right course is a lot same but not exactly same. Your can see your syllabus here:
    This was for GATE 2013 and will be for GATE 2014 as they don’t change the syllabus frequently.

    Now, listen to me with your utmost focus. GATE is a national level competition exam and you need your skills to be of national level. Although, the competition is quite less in your branch still you need to work-hard to gain a good rank. Stick to the GATE syllabus, don’t leave a single topic plus don’t read an extra topic. Competitions demands versatility, logics, hard work not emotions, affection or anything not related to brain. Its a brain-game. The more smartly you prepare and more importantly the more efficiently you attempt your paper decides your rank not how many days you have studied 18 hours (18 hours a day is lame in my view, at most 10 hours of efficient study can bag you a single digit rank in any branch).

    If you have got good faculties teaching, talk with them, know your style and their suggestions about the GATE exam, be curious more than cautious, empower yourself with the desire of getting into an IIT (if you get into an IIT, believe me, your life will never be the same).

    About strategy, refrain yourself from doing easy questions and putting more time to theoretical studies. Go for solving more number of good questions and solve them sticking to the concepts. Make your basics strong (basics are the things you acquire when you know the whole subject thoroughly, not by just mugging up the basic formulas). For good questions, go for previous year GATE questions, solve them without looking into the solutions, solve standard book exercise questions. Solve good quality questions, its important. Do join test series of some good institute like GATEForum/MadeEasy/ACE. These institutes are like brands, bright students join their test series so you’ll be able to assess yourself on a national scale.

    Recommendations about books:
    The only recommendation I would like to suggest is “Previous year solved papers” By Mr. Ramniwas. Mr. Ramniwas is the owner of Dronacharya institute (another coaching center) but this book is really good (yes, better than the MadeEasy Publications). Call dronacharya institute, take number from their website ( and ask them if they have got this book for your branch and if yes them ask them to courier you the same.

    One last thing about GATE examination I would like to say is… “It is HARD which makes it GREAT, if it would have been easy anyone could have done it!”

    PS:Reply to this post if you have got any doubts, I would like to clear them.

    Shubham Jain
    [email protected]