Reply To: GATE 2012…M tech colleges Advice and Suggestion

  1. Muhammed

    M.Tech CSE admission

    GATE AIR (available+good) institutes

    1-50 IIISc Bangalore

    1-300 Old 7 IITs

    300-500 New IITs, NIT (Warangal,Trichy).

    500-2000 IIIT Delhi,,NSIT Delhi,DTU delhi,Javadpur uni,NIT (calicut,surathkal,allahabad,nagpur)

    2000-3000 Other NITs(Surat,jaipur,hamirpur,raipur etc),COEP pune,VJTI mumbai

    3000-4000 CET Kerala,HCU,THAPAR uni.

    Note 1: ISI kolkata,IIITHyd,JNU are equalent to IITs but they are conducting there own exam and admission.IIITBanglr is better than 2nd class NITs but they using GATE only for interview shortlisting(GATE AIR :1500-10000).IIIT Allahabad is better than 2nd class NITs but seperate entrance exam.

    Note 2: Private deemed Institutes like VIT,Amity,LPU etc :You will get admission here if you are just GATE qualified or otherwise attending there own entrance exam.(+ enough money also required) .

    :Sharing some informations that i have .
    Thank you
    Muhammed Noufal