Reply To: gate 2012 difficulty level???

  1. Here is what I feel about this year’s gate. Compared to last year which didn’t require much preparation for getting qualifying mark this year’s gate paper needed some effort from students to get the min marks. But for those who have prepared well in all subjects scoring 55+ is very easy only if you didn’t commit many mistakes. I’m saying this because me and my friends who gave our maximum to the preparation are averaging around 60+. I asked few of my colleagues at my gate classes their feedback was also the same. So the people who worked hard are scoring 55-60+ (and there are good number of them I know) and anyone who gave their best but prepared good are getting 40-45. So I think a large portion will fall in 40-50 category those who are above it can expect good rank.But 55+ is a tricky one to say because those who worked hard cannot be counted . I scored 60+ but I’m keeping my fingers crossed :(.