Reply To: Choosing the right topic for research to start PhD

  1. Quick IPR Guide

    Choosing a research topic is a time-consuming process. It usually takes around 6 months to 1 year to finalize a research problem for a new research scholar. If you follow certain guidelines then it can be a less time consuming and smooth process. This post will guide you from scratch with some standard guidelines to be followed in order to choose a research topic.

    Study the research area of your interest field: In order to choose the research topic, it is required to, first of all, choose a research area. You should have an interest in that research area. It would be easy to decide the research problem statement from the research area of interest.

    Choose something that you can easily read and understand: If you select a research area of interest, then you yourself would like to read it, explore it, and will be able to understand it. And once you’ll be able to understand the literature, then it will become easy to choose the research topic.

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