People Might Surprise You, Just Give It A Try

I was in pain to get out of my routine life. I don’t know where did I borrow this gene? Once I settle down somewhere it’s hard for to move out of it for a longer time. This happens to me always and at the end when it comes to packing I just keep crying(…)

I Am Super Nervous To Face This Ramadan

It was a summer night in 2007, I was sitting alone in a room waiting for a call and mom came in twice and asked me if she can give me some tea. I looked at watch it was 2 AM, I was deadly nervous, I asked mom please take rest I don’t need anything(…)

When Life Strikes Take a Pause and Reflect

Making cutoff tools is fascinating challenging task. I have been working really hard to get all B.Tech cutoff data in one place. That is a huge huge work for someone with a full time job at hand. By reducing couple of hours of daily sleep and a great team of dedicated people I started to(…)

Top Engineering Colleges in Karnataka 2015

It’s been 3 years I touched onto ranking engineering colleges. Recently I got inspired because of KCET cutoff and college predictor tool, we made for InI visitors after collecting official data and transforming it to save millions of hours of student and parents. I ranked Engineering colleges in Karnataka based on closing ranks in KCET(…)

Why IITs Are Different From Other Top Institutes

This is always a hot topic for us during lunch time even after 8 yrs of graduation and working life. I am highly biased and kind of advocate of IIT superiority. Don’t get me wrong here, I really love and respect everyone who has done anything great. I also don’t just go with IIT tag(…)

What is G1, G2, G3 in CCMT and How would I know..?

We were working really hard on CCMT GATE cutoff calculator and college predictor, I saw a term called group and thought would skip it to save some space on my server. To decide to drop some column at InI I need to have a strong reason, because a little hard and smart work from our(…)