CBM331: Advancements in Healthcare Technology syllabus for BME 2021 regulation (Professional Elective-VII)

Advancements in Healthcare Technology detailed syllabus for Biomedical Engineering (BME) for 2021 regulation curriculum has been taken from the Anna Universities official website and presented for the BME students. For course code, course name, number of credits for a course and other scheme related information, do visit full semester subjects post given below.

For Biomedical Engineering 6th Sem scheme and its subjects, do visit BME 6th Sem 2021 regulation scheme. For Professional Elective-VII scheme and its subjects refer to BME Professional Elective-VII syllabus scheme. The detailed syllabus of advancements in healthcare technology is as follows.

Course Objectives:

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Unit I

Digital Health: Requirements and best practices, Laws and regulations in Digital health, Ethical issues, barriers and strategies for innovation.

Unit II

Digital radiology for digital hospital, picture archiving and communication, system integration, digital history of radiology, medical image archives, storage and networks.

Unit III

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Unit IV

Introduction to mobile healthcare devices-economy-average length of stay in hospital, outpatient care, health care costs, mobile phones, 4G, smart devices, wearable devices, Uptake of e-health and m-health technologies. Standards, system Design and case study.

Unit V

Multimodality registration in daily clinical practice. Mobile healthcare. Selection and Implementation in e-Health project, design of medical equipment based on user needs. Security and privacy in digital health care. Case study.

Course Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course, the student will be able to

  1. Interpret the need for digital methods of handling medical records
  2. Explain the digital radiology
  3. Modify the tools and methods for work flow in E-Health
  4. Identify the available technology for wearable healthcare devices
  5. Compare various standards for inter-operability of devices, quality and safety standards for developing healthcare systems

Text Books:

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Reference Books:

  1. Rick Krohn (Editor), David Metcalf, Patricia Salber, “Health-e Everything: Wearables and The Internet of Things for Health, ebook. 2013.
  2. Khandpur,R.S,”Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation ”,Second Edition. Tata Mc Graw Hill Pub. Co., Ltd. 2003
  3. John, G. Webster. Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design. Second Edition. Wiley Publisher, New Delhi. 2013.

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