BT3037: Biosafety and Hazard Management syllabus for BioTech 2021 regulation (Professional Elective-VII)

Biosafety and Hazard Management detailed syllabus for Biotechnology (BioTech) for 2021 regulation curriculum has been taken from the Anna Universities official website and presented for the BioTech students. For course code, course name, number of credits for a course and other scheme related information, do visit full semester subjects post given below.

For Biotechnology 6th Sem scheme and its subjects, do visit BioTech 6th Sem 2021 regulation scheme. For Professional Elective-VII scheme and its subjects refer to BioTech Professional Elective-VII syllabus scheme. The detailed syllabus of biosafety and hazard management is as follows.

Course Objectives:

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Unit I

Need for safety in industries; Safety Programmes – components and realization; Potential hazards
– extreme operating conditions, toxic chemicals; safe handling

Unit II

Implementation of safety procedures – periodic inspection and replacement; Accidents -identification and prevention; promotion of industrial safety.

Unit III

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Unit IV

Hazard identification safety audits, checklist, what if analysis, vulnerability models event tree analysis fault tree analysis, Hazan past accident analysis Fixborough-Mexico-Madras- Vizag Bopal analysis.

Unit V

Hazop-guide words, parameters, derivation-causes-consequences-recommendation-coarse Hazop study-case studies-pumping system-reactor-mass transfer system.

Text Books:

  1. Fawatt, H.H. and Wood, W.S., “Safety and Accident Prevention in Chemical Operation11, Wiley Interscience, 1965.
  2. Marcel, V.C., Major Chemical Hazard- Ellis Harwood Ltd., Chi Chester, UK, 1987.
  3. Skeleton, B., Process Safety Analysis: An introduction, Institution of chemical Engineers, U.K., 1997.
  4. Hyatt, N., Guidelines for process hazards analysis, hazards identification & risk analysis, Dyadem Press, 2004.

Reference Books:

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