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TNDTE Academic Calendar Even Semesters 2021

TNDTE Academic Calendar Even Semesters 2021 – DOTE Tamil Nadu has revised the academic schedule for Even Semesters TNDTE Diploma course because of the elections coming up in the state. In this post we presents the details of the academic session pertaining to Even semesters i.e. 2, 4 and 6. The information presented here is obtained from official sources and presented here for TNDTE diploma students.

The academic schedule decided by the department need to be followed by the department as well as all the Polytechnic college across Tamil Nadu state. Further, keeping the upcoming elections in mind the DOTE Tamil Nadu has revised it’s academic calendar and revised the dates. Here in this post we present the latest and revised academic calendar for Even Semester students of TNDTE Diploma course.

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TNDTE Academic Calendar Even Semesters 2021

Semester of StudyCommencement of ClassesLast Working DayUnit Test IUnit Test IIModel ExamCommencement of End semester Exam
6 and 804-01-202117-04-202112-02-2021 to 16-02-202115-03-2021 to 18-03-202119-04-2021 tp 24-04-202120-05-2021
2 and 415-02-202120-05-2021 (for 4 sem); 26-05-2021 (for 2 sem)23-03-2021 to 27-03-202126-04-2021 to 30-04-202121-05-2021 to 26-05-202102-06-2021

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Reopening of 3, 5 and 7 Semesters: 14-06-2021

TNDTE Academic Calendar: 6 and 8 semester working days

  • January 2021 : 14 days (6 days reduced for valuation.)
  • February 2021 : 24 days
  • March 2021 : 27 days
  • April 2021 : 10 days
  • Total working days: 75 Days

TNDTE Academic Calendar: 2 and 4 semester working days

  • February 2021 : 12 days
  • March 2021 : 27 days
  • April 2021 : 10 days
  • May 2021 : 15/20 days
  • Total working days: 75/80 Days

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