Project Work Petro Engg 8th Sem Syllabus for B.Tech 2017 Regulation Anna Univ

Project Work detail syllabus for Petroleum Engineering (Petro Engg), 2017 regulation is taken from Anna University official website and presented for students of Anna University. The details of the course are: course code (PE8811), Category (EEC), Contact Periods/week (20), Teaching hours/week (0), Practical Hours/week (0). The total course credits are 20.

For all other petro engg 8th sem syllabus for b.tech 2017 regulation anna univ you can visit Petro Engg 8th Sem syllabus for B.Tech 2017 regulation Anna Univ Subjects. The detail syllabus for project work is as follows.”

Project Report

  • Each student is required to submit a project report on the research/design and development of Industrial plant selecting the best process with optimum equipment sizes and operating conditions.
  • The project report will be treated as test of ability of the student to tackle a practical problem in the same way as might be expected of him if he were required to report as an Electrochemical Engineer on a new manufacturing proposal.

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