8th Sem, IND ENGG & MANG

Marketing Management Ind Engg & Mang 8th Sem Syllabus for BE 2017 Regulation Anna Univ

Marketing Management detail syllabus for Industrial Engineering & Management (Ind Engg & Mang), 2017 regulation is taken from Anna University official website and presented for students of Anna University. The details of the course are: course code (MG8892), Category (PC), Contact Periods/week (3), Teaching hours/week (3), Practical Hours/week (0). The total course credits are given in combined syllabus.

For all other ind engg & mang 8th sem syllabus for be 2017 regulation anna univ you can visit Ind Engg & Mang 8th Sem syllabus for BE 2017 regulation Anna Univ Subjects. The detail syllabus for marketing management is as follows.”

Course Objective:

  • To enable students to deal with newer concepts of marketing concepts like strategic marketing segmentation, pricing, advertisement and strategic formulation. The course will enable a student to take up marketing as a professional career.

Unit I

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Unit II

Buying Behaviour and Market Segmentation
Cultural, demographic factors, motives, types, buying decisions, segmentation factors – demographic -Psycho graphic and geographic segmentation, process, patterns.

Unit III

Product Pricing and Marketing Research
Objectives, pricing, decisions and pricing methods, pricing management. Introduction, uses, process of marketing research.

Unit IV

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Unit V

Advertising, Sales Promotion and Distribution
Characteristics, impact, goals, types, and sales promotions – point of purchase – unique selling proposition. Characteristics, wholesaling, retailing, channel design, logistics, and modern trends in retailing, Modern Trends, e-Marketing.

Course Outcome:

  • The learning skills of Marketing will enhance the knowledge about Marketers Practices and create insights on Advertising, Branding, Retailing and Marketing Research.

Text Books:

  1. Philip Kolter and Keller, Marketing Management, 14th Edition, Prentice Hall of India, 2012.
  2. Chandrasekar, K.S., Marketing Management Text and Cases, 1st Edition, Tata McGraw Hill – Vijaynicole 2010.


  1. Adrain palmer, Introduction to Marketing Theory and practice, Oxford university press IE 2004.
  2. Czinkota and Kotabe, Marketing Management, Thomson learning, Indian edition 2007
  3. Donald S. Tull and Hawkins, Marketing Research, Prentice Hall of India-1997.
  4. Graeme Drummond and John Ensor, “Introduction to marketing concepts”, Elsevier, Indian Reprint, 2007.
  5. Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong Principles of Marketing Prentice Hall of India, 2000.
  6. Ramasamy and Nama kumari, Marketing Environment: Planning, implementation and control the Indian context, 1990.
  7. Steven J.Skinner, Marketing, All India Publishers and Distributes Ltd. 1998.

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