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IP3151: Induction Programme Syllabus for Pharmaceutical Technology 1st Sem 2021 Regulation Anna University

Induction Programme detailed syllabus for Pharmaceutical Technology (Pharmaceutical Technology) for 2021 regulation curriculum has been taken from the Anna Universities official website and presented for the Pharmaceutical Technology students. For course code, course name, number of credits for a course and other scheme related information, do visit full semester subjects post given below.

For Pharmaceutical Technology 1st Sem scheme and its subjects, do visit Pharmaceutical Technology 1st Sem 2021 regulation scheme. The detailed syllabus of induction programme is as follows.

Induction Programme

Induction Programme

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The following are the activities under the induction program in which the student would be fully engaged throughout the day for the entire duration of the program.

i. Physical Activity
This would involve a daily routine of physical activity with games and sports, yoga, gardening, etc.

ii. Creative Arts
Every student would choose one skill related to the arts whether visual arts or performing arts. Examples are painting, sculpture, pottery, music, dance etc. The student would pursue it everyday for the duration of the program. These would allow for creative expression. It would develop a sense of aesthetics and also enhance creativity which would, hopefully, grow into engineering design later.

iii. Universal Human Values
This is the anchoring activity of the Induction Programme. It gets the student to explore oneself and allows one to experience the joy of learning, stand up to peer pressure, take decisions with courage, be aware of relationships with colleagues and supporting stay in the hostel and department, be sensitive to others, etc. A module in Universal Human Values provides the base. Methodology of teaching this content is extremely important. It must not be through dos and donts, but get students to explore and think by engaging them in a dialogue. It is best taught through group discussions and real life activities rather than lecturing. Discussions would be conducted in small groups of about 20 students with a faculty mentor each. It would be effective that the faculty mentor assigned is also the faculty advisor for the student for the full duration of the UG programme.

iv. Literary Activity
Literary activity would encompass reading, writing and possibly, debating, enacting a play etc.

iv. Proficiency Modules
This would address some lacunas that students might have, for example, English, computer familiarity etc.

vi. Lectures by Eminent People
Motivational lectures by eminent people from all walks of life should be arranged to give the students exposure to people who are socially active or in public life.

vii. Visits to Local Area
A couple of visits to the landmarks of the city, or a hospital or orphanage could be organized. This would familiarize them with the area as well as expose them to the under privileged.

viii. Familiarization to Dept./Branch and Innovations
They should be told about what getting into a branch or department means what role it plays in society, through its technology. They should also be shown the laboratories, workshops and other facilities.

viii. Department Specific Activities
About a week can be spent in introducing activities (games, quizzes, social interactions, small experiments, design thinking etc.) that are relevant to the particular branch of Engineering/Technology/Architecture that can serve as a motivation and kindle interest in building things (become a maker) in that particular field. This can be conducted in the form of a workshop. For example, CSE and IT students may be introduced to activities that kindle computational thinking, and get them to build simple games. ECE students may be introduced to building simple circuits as an extension of their knowledge in Science, and so on. Students may be asked to build stuff using their knowledge of science.

Induction Programme is totally an activity based programme and therefore there shall be no tests / assessments during this programme.


For the complete syllabus, results, class timetable, and many other features kindly download the iStudy App
It is a lightweight, easy to use, no images, and no pdfs platform to make students’s lives easier.
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