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GE3272: Communication Laboratory or Foreign Language syllabus for ECE 2021 regulation

Communication Laboratory or Foreign Language detailed syllabus for Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) for 2021 regulation curriculum has been taken from the Anna University official website and presented for the ECE students. For course code, course name, number of credits for a course and other scheme related information, do visit full semester subjects post given below.

For Electronics & Communication Engineering 2nd Sem scheme and its subjects, do visit ECE 2nd Sem 2021 regulation scheme. The detailed syllabus of communication laboratory or foreign language is as follows.

Communication Laboratory or Foreign Language

Course Objectives:

  • To identify varied group discussion skills and apply them to take part in effective discussions in a professional context.
  • To be able to communicate effectively through writing.

Unit I

Speaking-Role Play Exercises Based on Workplace Contexts, – talking about competitiondiscussing progress toward goals-talking about experiences- talking about events in lifediscussing past events-Writing: writing emails ( formal & semi-formal).

Unit II

Speaking: discussing news stories-talking about frequency-talking about travel problems-discussing travel procedures- talking about travel problems- making arrangements-describing arrangements-discussing plans and decisions- discussing purposes and reasons- understanding common technology terms-Writing: – writing different types of emails.

Unit III

Speaking: discussing predictions-describing the climate-discussing forecasts and scenariostalking about purchasing-discussing advantages and disadvantages- making comparisons-discussing likes and dislikes- discussing feelings about experiences-discussing imaginary scenarios Writing: short essays and reports-formal/semi-formal letters.

Unit IV

Speaking: discussing the natural environment-describing systems-describing position and movement- explaining rules-( example- discussing rental arrangements)- understanding technical instructions-Writing: writing instructions-writing a short article.

Unit V

Speaking: describing things relatively-describing clothing-discussing safety issues( making recommendations) talking about electrical devices-describing controlling actions- Writing: job application( Cover letter + Curriculum vitae)-writing recommendations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Speak effectively in group discussions held in a formal/semi formal contexts.
  • Write emails and effective job applications.

Assessment Pattern

  • One online / app based assessment to test speaking and writing skills
  • Proficiency certification is given on successful completion of speaking and writing.

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