CPR331: Elements of Green Manufacturing syllabus for Production 2021 regulation (Professional Elective-V)

Elements of Green Manufacturing detailed syllabus for Production Engineering (Production) for 2021 regulation curriculum has been taken from the Anna Universities official website and presented for the Production students. For course code, course name, number of credits for a course and other scheme related information, do visit full semester subjects post given below.

For Production Engineering 6th Sem scheme and its subjects, do visit Production 6th Sem 2021 regulation scheme. For Professional Elective-V scheme and its subjects refer to Production Professional Elective-V syllabus scheme. The detailed syllabus of elements of green manufacturing is as follows.

Elements of Green Manufacturing

Course Objectives:

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Unit I

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AND IMPACT ASSESSMENT 9 Environmental impact assessment objectives – Legislative development – European community directive – Hungarian directive. Strategic environmental assessment and sustainability appraisal. Regional spatial planning and environmental policy.

Unit II

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Unit III

ENERGY SAVING MACHINERY AND COMPONENTS 9 Electricity Billing: Components and Costs – kVA – Need and Control – Determination of kVA demand and Consumption. Selection of fans, pumps and Compressors – Performance Evaluation – Cause for inefficient operation – scope for energy conservation.

Unit IV

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Unit V

GREEN CO-RATING 9 Ecological Footprint – Need for Green Co-Rating – Green Co-Rating System – Intent – System Approach – Weightage- Assessment Process – Types of Rating – Green Co-Benefits – Case Studies of Green Co-Rating.

Course Outcomes:

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Text Books:

  1. David A. Dornfeld, Green Manufacturing Fundamentals and Applications, Springer US, 2013, ISBN: 9781441960160.
  2. Ronald G. Askin and Jeffrey B. Goldberg, Design and Analysis of Lean Production Systems, John Wiley and Sons, 2007.
  3. Stephen Doven, Environment and Sustainability Policy: Creation, implementation, Evaluation, The Federation Press, 2005.

Reference Books:

  1. Clive George, Collin.C, Kirkpolarice. H, Impact Assessment and sustainable development, Edward Elgar Publishing 2007.
  2. Green Manufacturing: Case Studies in Lean and Sustainability, Association for Manufacturing Excellence, CRC press,2007.
  3. Chaigier N.A. Energy Consumption and Environment, McGraw Hill, 2007.
  4. Hamies, Energy Auditing and Conservation, Methods Measurements, management and Case Study, Hemisphere, Washington, 1980.
  5. Bhide A.D., Sundaresan B.B., Solid Waste Management – Collection Processing and Disposal, Mudrashilpa offset printers, Nagpur, 2001.
  6. 3Green Co Case Study Booklet, CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, 2015.

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