CEI356: Block Chain Technology syllabus for EIE 2021 regulation (Professional Elective-VII)

Block Chain Technology detailed syllabus for Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) for 2021 regulation curriculum has been taken from the Anna Universities official website and presented for the EIE students. For course code, course name, number of credits for a course and other scheme related information, do visit full semester subjects post given below.

For Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 6th Sem scheme and its subjects, do visit EIE 6th Sem 2021 regulation scheme. For Professional Elective-VII scheme and its subjects refer to EIE Professional Elective-VII syllabus scheme. The detailed syllabus of block chain technology is as follows.

Course Objectives:

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Unit I

Basic Cryptographic primitives used in Blockchain -Secure- CollisionResistant hash functions -Digital signature – Public key cryptosystems – Zeroknowledge proof systems – Need for Distributed Record Keeping – Modelling faults and adversaries- Byzantine Generals problem – Briefing of Consensus algorithms and their scalability problems – Why Nakamoto Came up with Blockchain based cryptocurrency.

Unit II

Technologies Borrowed in Blockchain -hash pointers- Consensus- Byzantine Models of fault tolerance- Digital cash etc.- Bitcoin blockchain – Wallet – Blocks – Merkley Tree – hardness of mining – Transaction verifiability – Anonymity – forks – Double spending – Bitcoin- the challenges and solutions.

Unit III

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Unit IV

Ethereum -Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) -Wallets for Ethereum -Solidity – Smart Contracts -The Turing Completeness of Smart Contract Languages and verification challenges- Using smart contracts to enforce legal contracts Comparing Bitcoin scripting vs. Ethereum Smart Contracts-Some attacks on smart contracts..

Unit V

Hyperledger fabric- the plug and play platform and mechanisms in permissioned block chain -Beyond Cryptocurrency – applications of block chain in cyber security- integrity of information- EGovernance and other contract enforcement mechanisms – Limitations of block chain as a technology and myths vs reality of blockchain technology.

Skill Development Activities

(Group Seminar/Mini Project/Assignment/Content 10 Preparation / Quiz/ Surprise Test / Solving GATE questions/ etc)

  1. Fundamentals of blockchain technology
  2. Understanding of technologies in block chain
  3. Interpretation of models in block chain
  4. Platforms to build decentralized applications
  5. Demonstration of hyperledger fabric

Course Outcomes:

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Text Books:

  1. S.Shukla,M.Dhawan,S.Sharma,S. Venkatesan �Blockchain Technology: Cryptocurrency and Applications� ,Oxford University Press 2019 .
  2. Arvind Narayanan, Joseph Bonneau,Edward Felten,Andrew Miller and Steven Goldfeder, �Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies: a comprehensive introduction�,Princeton University Press,2016.

Reference Books:

  • Joseph Bonneau et al, SoK: �Research perspectives and challenges for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency�, IEEE Symposium on security and Privacy, 2015
  • J.A.Garay et al, �The bitcoin backbone protocol – analysis and applications�, EUROCRYPT 2015,Volume 2.
  • R.Pass et al, �Analysis of Blockchain protocol in Asynchronous networks�, EUROCRYPT 2017.
  • Passet al,� Fruitchain- a fair blockchain�, PODC 2017

List of Open Source Software/ Learning Website:

  1. https://www.cbinsights.com/research/what-is-blockchain-technology/
  2. https://101blockchains.com/blockchain-business-models/
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethereum
  4. https://hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io/en/release-2.2/whatis.html

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