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Anna University ECE 1st Sem Syllabus 2019 Regulation

Anna University ECE 1st Sem Syllabus 2019 Regulation gives complete syllabus for Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) right from the Anna University’s official website and is presented for the ECE students. Follow the links in the curriculum table for the detailed syllabus of each subject. We make sure all subjects are up to date and have the latest information.

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For detailed syllabus of all other subjects of Electronics & Communication Engineering 1st Sem, 2019 curriculum do visit ECE 1st Sem subject syllabuses for 2019 regulation. The ECE 1st Sem syllabus for be 2019 regulation anna university is as follows.

ECE 1st Sem Syllabus for 2019 Regulation

S.NoCourse CodeCourse TitleCategoryLTSContact PeriodsCredits
1.HS5151Technical EnglishHSMC40044
2.MA5158Engineering Mathematics IBSC31044
3.PH5151Engineering PhysicsBSC30033
4.CY5151Engineering ChemistryBSC30033
5.GE5153Problem Solving and Python ProgrammingESC30033
6.BS5161Basic Sciences LaboratoryBSC00442
7.GE5161Problem Solving and Python Programming LaboratoryESC00442

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