Anna University B.Tech MA (R13) 7th Sem Marine Electrical Technology Syllabus

Marine Electrical Technology for B.Tech 7th sem is covered here. This gives the details about credits, number of hours and other details along with reference books for the course.

The detailed syllabus for Marine Electrical Technology B.Tech (R13) seventhsem is as follows


To develop skills of students in Marine Electrical Technology. The students will be imparted training in handling various electrical instruments to find out faults on various electrical equipment’s on board ships and rectify such faults.

The marine environment – effects of inclination – Generators – Power supply commonly available – main switchboard – motor controls – emergency services – emergency stop panel – ships auxillary services – load analysis – electrical diagrams – inherent dangers and avoidance of disastrous consequences – active and passive safety measures – Do’s and Don’ts – Electric shock – first aid conditions of shock risk – selection of AC and DC generators for use on ships – merits and demerits – location and Installation of generator sets. Requirements & Regulations – safe electrical equipments for hazardous areas – American safety standards – common definitions – British and European standards –tanker installations – Installations Ashore – Indian Standards. Systems of AC distribution – general concept – single, two and three phase systems with 2,3 and 4 wires – power distribution – general Distribution scheme – specific systems for ship’s service – tankers schemes – primary power bus – need for emergency power supply – method of supply – passenger and cargo vessels requirements – shore supply –precautions to be taken while consuming shore supply –arrangement to ensure proper phase supply – remote switches to ventilating fans – fue pumps – lubricating oil pumps and purifiers.

Insulated & Earthed neutral systems – introduction – circuit faults – causes prevention – earth fault indicators – detection and clearance – alternators. AVR: excitation systems – carbon pile regulator – vibrating contact and static automatic regulator – transient voltage dip and alternator response – effect of kW and Kvar Loading. Panel instrumentation: Introduction – system erminology – phase sequence indicators. Paralleling of Alternators: Manual and auto synchronizing – lamps – parallel operation – excitation and throttle control – load sharing – kW, kVAR and Manual. Switchboards & Switchgear: Main and sub switchboard-Rating and Characteristics of Main switchboards – group starter boards – distribution Fuse boards – bus bars – instrumentation & controls – circuit breakers – alternator CB’s – MCCB’s – miniature CB’s- RCCB’s – arc fault Current Interrupts – fused Isolators – fault protection devices – introduction – over-voltage-surge-transients – ripple – spikes – DC generator protection –alternator and system protection – protection through fuses – protection Discrimination Motor Protection.

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Electrical Cables: Cables- conductors – Wire Sizes-Current Rating – testing-codes- Practical tips.Insulation – protection and temperature ratings – insulation classes – A, B, E, F,H Insulation for High temperatures – Insulating Materials – Cable insulation & Sheath– Cable gland – Degrees of Protection – Temperature Ratings – Temperature Rise – Determination of hot temperature. Lighting Systems: Introduction – Incandescent Lamps – Discharge lamps – HCLPMF lamps – High pressure Mercury Fluorescent lamps – High and Low pressure sodium vapour lamps – Lamp caps – Effect of voltage on lamp performance – Navigation & signal lights – Signals for a power driven ship under way (At night) – Emergency lighting – Requirement of lighting of Deck and pump house of oil tankers. Alarm Indication Systems: Fire alarms and Detection – Heat detectors – Smoke detectors – Combustion detectors – Miscellaneous alarm indicator systems – Scanning type system – Sequential starting and cut outs for an automatic fired boiler incorporating safety devices and combustion control equipments – incinerators – Sewage plants – Bilge oil separators.

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OUTCOMES: On completion of the course the students are expected to have the knowledge of

  • Different Types of Electrical distribution Systems
  • Regulations observed onboard ships regarding electrical equipments
  • Different types of electrical Instruments and Switch Gear used on board Ship
  • using electrical instruments, to find out and rectify various kinds of faults onboard ships.
  • Specification of cables and Type of Lighting systems fitted on board
  • Steering systems
  • maintenance of electrical equipments, instruments, system components etc.,


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