Life is short and the decisions should be based on effort and the worth of goal. When it comes to PhD this must be the first question that should come to your mind and I did to my mind too. Trust me the reasons (motivation) you have for doing PhD will not only define the quality of your research but also define your future. Here I share what motivated me and what was the impact of it on life.

Truth be told, for me it was my attitude the lead me to make few crazy decisions and I still do make few of them. I always wanted to land in the best place and seek best for myself. Everybody does it but the issue with me is, I seek the best without caring about where I stand and what is my level of knowledge or even if I can make it or not. This is true for smallest things like brush I use, the pen, the paper, the dress to little bigger things like where I study, which company I work for and which car I drive.

When I had to make a decision about PhD all these along with a great motivation from dad always helped a lot. Dad always wrote to me on the value of higher education and its importance with the examples of Dr. Abdul Kalam, Amartiya Sen, Sayyid Maoudodi and many others. My perspective was always a combination of contribution along with social and financial independence.

The reality is high salaries after PhD were also a major player for me to decide to go on for PhD early on. As I read a lot of stuff apart from my course work it was obvious for me to sneak into my college library and checkout magazines there. We used to get IEEE magazines too those used to have ads for faculty positions with salaries over $50000 at the end and an essential degree was PhD for them. Obvious all jobs Indian institutions became secondary compared to having a PhD.

Later in PhD I realized that it’s not easy to grab that $50000 as it look in ads : D. On the same time that target helped me to keep self motivation high. Eventually that helped me to plan and nail it down in a one of the shortest possible time.

Now I ask you to figure out what are your motivations for doing PhD? I met many people everyone had their own motivations behind PhD. Most of them were there because they could not get a job and PhD was their last resort. Other motivations were to have a higher position in academics, few join PhD for having a secure career. I know only few guys, at least in IITs looking for real research and joined with the thought of contributing to knowledge.

The realization is whatever motivation you have before starting PhD will help you to have that kind of PhD. If are looking for professor job you will land there, if you are looking for a secure position you will land there and if you are motivated for an international position you will land there. Remember your motivations will have definite impact on your research work, the higher the aim and motivation the better the thesis will be.

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