Am I really suitable for PhD? This looks like a good question to be asked before starting PhD, but for me it’s one of the most discouraging question to start with. The real good and positive question is to ask ourselves, is it really worth doing it. Does a PhD degree help me achieve the goals I set for myself. If the answer is yes then you are perfectly suitable for it and will nail it down.

Never do something just because all are doing it or just for passing time and adding a Dr in front of your name. You will be just wasting your time and let your PhD prolong or land in a situation where you hate everyone have Dr. in front of their names.

If you really don’t know why are you doing something you land in this kind of questions and eventually do a bad work or just waste your time and kill others time too while going ahead with that program. First ask yourself this question, why do you want to do a PhD and why do you think it will help you reach out there.

Most of the time we think we don’t know what we want in life, but if we sit for a while thinking about it, we all will eventually find it. It can be as small as looking for a simple stable job near home to as big as making a company like google. It can be as low as to just add a Dr. in front of your name to as high as contributing to a field of study and reaching out to the status of Nobel Laureate.

If you feel that there are good ways to make it happen definitely PhD is not for you. It need a lot of patience to sit and study and then evaluate things. Then you will realize reading is not the most difficult thing in life its understanding and evaluating things we read. And at the end you will feel that the most difficult thing in life is to write. Whatever bad PhD you do you will have to go through all these.

At the end, I say whoever thinks suitable is suitable, how good is a different thing to asked and measured. The simple answer to this question is yes everyone suitable for research and for PhD. You need to have certain qualities to be able to do PhD.

When it comes to me, it was certain that I am suitable for PhD. I had the at most desire to reach out to top schools in the nation and till masters I could not do it. I was left with only one obvious choice of doing PhD there. I reached out to IISc three times, could not make it and then decided no point waiting long and tried many IITs for 2004 Jan admissions.

Applied all IITs, but could attend only three interviews and then joined one. All those I will share in coming posts.

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