I am excited, yes finally we are here at InI’s new blog dedicated for Research studies, both MS and PhD.

I spent couple of days on making decisions about how it will work, what we will add, and how are we going to make it a complete platform where we share our stories of reaching out a bit of our little dreams.

The most important things about InI’s MS and PhD home are

  1. Information about MS and PhD mostly in IITs
  2. Many will contribute to it
  3. We have notifications too
  4. Conference details at least in India
  5. Common Facebook and Google Plus pages.
  6. Youtube channel will be common for InI and InI Research. (will decide if need to be different)

I made a short. Sorry long  : D video describing all other things we can expect at InI Research.

If you have been following InI and made it to IISc, IITs or some other top universities and think that your story can inspire someone to work towards their dreams with honesty, you are at right place. I would like to invite you to a whole different world.

Expect we go a long way in helping people to think what is great for them and can spread the view of education beyond job and payouts.