Once you made a decision on doing PhD, the next question comes to your mind is what are the best possible places to apply for PhD? This question is valid for all who want to do PhD in India as well as outside India.

There could be several options for this question based on your situation. The things one should know include, where one want to do PhD, What is your domain or specialization, how much social and financial support you have and how much time would you like to invest in PhD and most importantly where do you want to be and what you are expecting from PhD.

If you are looking for PhD outside India one of the major factors that influence is your decision is admission and scholarship. If scholarship is not there you will have tough time making your living and doing research. As research need full focus and concentration you need to look for opportunities that will help you focus on research.

If you are looking or PhD in India, the most important thing that should influence your decision is your domain and infrastructure at the lab you are planning to go for PhD. If you are working in computer science area you can probably chose any institute based on research performance and brand name of the institute. CS labs needs the least infrastructure and even if an institute doesn’t support student themselves can do it.

If your domain is not computer science you need to carefully look at the infrastructure and facilities the lab and the institute is offering you. Without good infrastructure it’s impossible to carry on a good research. Institutes with good brand names usually offer good facilities and environment for research.

In all cases if someone ask me with all experience I have where would I like to go for research? I would say the best place for PhD is a combination all good things. First comes the professor and his lab, second comes the institute, third comes the Industry collaboration and exposure, fourth where are the alumni of the lab are placed or working, fifth comes the scholarship and scholarship opportunities, and finally the place or location of the institute.

I know getting all things great in one place is not possible all the time. Therefore, I will compromise on different thing based on the order I mentioned. You can definitely make your make your order based on your situation. I would give at most importance to the professor and lab I am working in. I saw so many great places in India that are not known to many of us but do tremendous research. Sometimes these institutes, labs, and Profs are internationally renounced but miss the celebrity status of IITs.

I would bring all these criteria in coming posts one by and share significance of each of them and their impact on your PhD as well as post PhD life.

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