3rd Sem, Petrochem

VTU Petrochem 3rd Sem Syllabus for BE 2018 Scheme

VTU Petrochem 3rd Sem Syllabus for BE 2018 Scheme gives complete Syllabus information for 3rd Sem (Petrochem), 2018 regulation right from the VTUs official website and is presented for the VTU students. Follow the links in the scheme table for the detailed Syllabus of each subject. We make sure all subjects are up to date and have the latest information.

For detailed Syllabus of all other subjects of BE (Petrochem Engineering) 3rd Sem, do visit Petrochem 3rd Sem Syllabus Subjects.

S.NoCourseCourse CodeCourse TitleTeaching DepartmentTheory LectureTutorialPractice/DrawingDuration HoursCIE MarksSEE MarksTotal MarksCredits
1BSC18MAT31Transform Calculus, Fourier Series and Numerical TechniquesMathematics220340601003
2PCC18CH32Chemical Process CalculationsChemical/Petrochem320340601004
3PCC18CH33Momentum TransferChemical/Petrochem300340601003
4PCC18PC34Physical, Organic and Inorganic ChemistryChemistry300340601003
5PCC18PC35Introduction To Petrochemical EngineeringChemical/Petrochem300340601003
6PCC18PC36Instrumental Methods of Chemical AnalysisChemical/Petrochem300340601003
7PCC18PCL37Momentum Transfer LaboratoryChemical/Petrochem220340601002
8PCC18PCL38Petroleum Product Analysis LaboratoryChemical/Petrochem220340601002
9HSMC18KVK39/49Vyavaharika Kannada (Kannada for Communication)HSMC21001001
9HSMC18KAK39/49Aadalitha Kannada (Kannada for Administration)HSMC21001001
9HSMC18CPC39/49Constitution of India, Professional Ethics and Cyber LawHSMC10240601001

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